Get Organized With Storage Solutions From Davids

Every house has its own issues with organization. Perhaps you lack storage spaces, such as a full-size attic, extensive crawl space or expansive closets. Or maybe you simply have plenty of items that have no place to go when they’re not in use. In any case, you’re likely challenged by how to avoid a cluttered home.

The answer is home storage and organization solutions. At Davids Furniture & Interiors, we offer entertainment consoles, cabinets, buffets and sideboards, storage chests and many other items to tackle your toughest organization problems. Talk to our interior design team members the next time you visit any of our showrooms in Mechanicsburg or Harrisburg area. We’ll be happy to assist you in stylishly keeping your items out of view until you need them.


Keep Your Home a Clutter-Free Zone

We’ve all read about the dangers of clutter. A cluttered house leads to a cluttered mind, they say, and your living space can get so messy it becomes hard to concentrate.

But it’s easy for the clutter to build up. A handful of magazines suddenly grows into a foot-tall stack, or a few toys in the living room multiply into two dozen. It’s difficult to eradicate these messes without a system everyone understands. When you designate storage space for things that would otherwise be on the ground, you slowly regain control over your home and your sanity.


Why Choose Davids: Decades of Reliability in Central PA

Come to Davids Furniture to fulfill your storage furniture needs in Camp Hill and beyond. We have been a part of the vital Harrisburg community for more than four decades. Founded in 1972, our business has thrived thanks to customers who seek us out to help them beautify and organize their homes. We love being a part of that process.

We sell high-quality storage furniture in central PA, and we back up our sales with five-year warranties for wood furniture. We’re so confident we’re offering a fair, affordable rate for our furniture that we also offer a price guarantee. If you can find the item you bought for a lower price within 50 miles of our showroom, we will match it. Our priority is helping you find furniture you like at a price you love. 

Get Assistance With Your Storage Needs From Our Interior Designers

Another feature that’s unique to Davids Furniture is the complementary interior design assistance we offer our customers. Storage can be a tricky purchase. We understand you may have questions about what items to buy and where to put your new furnishings. 

Our team of experienced designers has helped people across the Harrisburg region, from Camp Hill to Lebanon, find the right look for their homes by incorporating their new storage buys. It’s fun to blend your new furniture and accessories with your existing décor. Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

  • Put a runner over your new buffet or china cabinet that matches the color scheme of your walls and existing furniture.
  • Add vases of flowers atop nightstands and chests. Flowers always freshen up a room.
  • Line up a few treasured knickknacks on the bottom shelves of an entertainment center or the top of a tall chest.


Davids Furniture & Interiors | Entertainment Consoles

Entertainment Consoles Are Ideal To Streamline Your Living Spaces

Most homeowners in central PA have a plethora of devices, from HD televisions to gaming products. But the problem is they do not necessarily complement the style of a room’s furnishings. Don’t give up these items that you love — find a place to put them that will blend in seamlessly with your preferred look.

Davids offers a variety of entertainment consoles and cabinets that are well-suited to store all your devices and electronics, plus all the peripheral pieces that go with them. Cords will be expertly hidden, and all your guests will see when they enter your living space is a cohesive interior design. Use your electronics when you need them, and keep them discreetly out of the way when they aren’t necessary.



Davids Furniture & Interiors | BuffetsChina Cabinets, Buffets and Sideboards Add Function to Your Dining Room

Many dining rooms are large enough to support formal china cabinets, buffets and sideboards. Each of these storage items comes in different shapes and sizes, making them perfect for all your entertaining needs. Have what you need at your fingertips, but not out in the open. Talk to a Davids interior design professional when you come by and see which cabinets, buffets and sideboards are right for your family as well as the architectural look of your central PA house.


Storage Chests Allow You to Clean a Room Quickly

Are there some items in your living room, bedroom, den or other space that just never seem to have a “home?” Keep them in handy, efficient and attractive storage chests from Davids. Storage chests can eliminate clutter caused by toys, magazines and more. Clean your room instantly with the help of a properly chosen storage chest. You’ll love how clean — not to mention how much bigger — your rooms appear! Find storage chests from top manufacturers today at Davids in Cumberland and Dauphin Counties.


Corral Your Bedroom Clutter in a Nightstand

By purchasing a sturdy nightstand with lots of drawers and shelving, you can clean up your bedroom in a snap. Store away magazines that usually lounge on a bedside table. Drop your earrings into a drawer before you drift off to sleep. Stack books on shelves instead of letting them pile up around the room. Put a small plastic container in a drawer and collect all your pocket change in it at night. 

You’ll sleep better knowing your bedroom is neater and cleaner. There will be less dust accumulating on surfaces around the room. And you may stop misplacing everything from your glasses to your bookmarks when you know where to look first. 


Tips for Getting the Most From Davids Furniture Storage Solutions in Cumberland County

Finally, here are a few more ideas to ensure your rooms stay organized with your new furniture:

    • Make sure your kids or grandkids know where to put their shoes, jackets, game console remotes, smartphone chargers and the other things they tend to shed around the house.
    • Put a small, pretty basket off to the side of your living room or kitchen where clutter can be dropped. You’ll never eliminate it completely, but at least people will know where to deposit stray LEGOs or random rubber bands.
    • Bring fewer things into the house. Get off delivery lists for catalogs, stop buying magazines you never read and watch movies on Netflix instead of buying DVDs.
    • Make it clear you’re not the clean-up crew. Everyone’s in charge of putting things away in the new entertainment center, chest or buffet.


Choose Davids Furniture for Your Storage Solutions in Harrisburg and Mechanicsburg

Are you ready to get your house in order? Come check out the many storage solutions offered at our showrooms, conveniently located throughout the Central PA area. We offer free parking at both locations, and we’ll be happy to assist you in finding the right piece of furniture to keep you organized. 

Whether it’s a china cabinet or a sideboard, a storage piece can make a huge difference in your décor. Visit Davids Furniture & Interiors today.