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Rich is an interior designer enthusiast and, it seems, he always has been. Much to his parents chagrin, he tells the story that his career began at the age of 5 when he picked up a pair of kindergarten scissors and attempted to shorten the living room draperies. He had thought it would look better trim-length. His parents, who were interior designers, disagreed.

Rich grew up in the design trade. His parents' studio, drapery workroom, and office were next door to their home; the showroom was a couple of blocks away. As a youngster, he literally saw hundreds of rooms go from drawing board to presentation board. When he was older, summer jobs in the family business served as an apprenticeship. His mother's parents were artists and educators, and his paternal grandfather an antique dealer. Growing up in that environment proved to be an education in and of itself.

Art courses at Dickinson and a post-graduate course at Harvard sharpened his design skills. Then his internship began in earnest and he will tell you he is still learning today. During the past 35 years, he has done everything from select wall coverings for a powder room to design a 14,000 sq ft home for which he provided the floor plans, elevations, architectural details, and home office and kitchen designs as well as the interior design.

One of the fascinating things about being a designer is that one is constantly reinventing oneself. A reverence for things past and a devotion to his community led him to donate his services to the Pottstown Historical Society to help them develop their headquarters in Pottstown's Historic District. He ultimately served two terms as president and published the society newsletter for six years. Through his friends a the society, Rich became involved with the Tri-County Chamber of Commerce and the local revitalization effort, designing the guidebook and interpretive displays for a permanent walking tour highlighting historic buildings and points of interest in the borough.

Rich had been employed at Griffith & Bixler for three years prior to the store being purchased by Davids Furniture and Interiors four years ago.

Design Philosophy
"My design philosophy is grounded in respect for the creative spirit that exists in all of us. I know that for a project to be truly successful it must express the personality, ideas, taste, and lifestyle of the client - and it must include an element of fun. I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm and experience with you here at Davids as we work together on your project."
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