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About Meredith

Ever since Meredith was a little girl she has been playing with fabrics! She grew up going to work with her mother and watching her create beautiful rooms for her own clients, helping her pick fabrics and if she was lucky she got to draw a floor plan! Meredith always admired the beauty and detail of each design from start to finish and especially the look on a client’s face when their envisioned room becomes a reality. Meredith’s strengths of color, layout, scale and creativity that were honed in her previous position at Davids transition well in addressing these needs for her client’s rooms.

Meredith's Design Philosophy

Meredith believes that everyone deserves to have their dream room no matter their budget. She is passionate about making each of her customer’s lives better by helping them to be happier in their home. There’s a recipe for success. There’s a recipe for your favorite dish. There’s a recipe for your dream room.

Contact Meredith

Phone: 717.766.4741

Email: meredith.summey@davidsfurniture.com

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