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Design The Living Room Of Your Dreams

For the majority of families, the living room is second only to the kitchen in terms of hotspots. After all, most living rooms are the places where people gather to talk, play, watch television, read, relax and sometimes even take a catnap. If your living room furniture has been cobbled together over the years thanks to hand-me-downs, it’s probably not very cohesive.

Bring your living room up to date and into a style you’ll love with the help of Davids Furniture & Interiors. For more than 40 years, we’ve been working with central PA homeowners to efficiently and cost-effectively create living spaces they can enjoy. We invite you to visit one of our local stores in Harrisburg or Mechanicsburg to experience our incredible selection of living room furniture firsthand.


Finding Your Personal Style For Your Home In Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and Beyond

At Davids Furniture, we believe every family has their own style. This dictates what will look natural in your home and whether you’ll feel comfortable with the pieces you choose. Whether your tastes run to contemporary, classic or eclectic, it’s important to know yourself and know what you and your family will enjoy.

Our experienced interior designers can help you figure this out. They’ll guide you through the process of picking out the best living room furniture in Harrisburg, the best leather chairs in Mechanicsburg, and better yet — all at prices you can afford. Our designers can turn their practiced eye on your décor and make suggestions for what would look best and how you can adjust your existing furniture to incorporate in new pieces that will help the room come together.

With their guidance, your living room will be not just comfortable but also inviting. You’ll enjoy lingering on your new leather sofa, playing board games on your just-arrived coffee table, or just enjoying reading by your new lamp for your Mechanicsburg reading nook — and perhaps the best part is you’ll know that everything in the room meshes just right.

We offer an array of modern and traditional living room furniture to meet your various needs, and we'll help you fit together the pieces to find your ideal aesthetic. Your options extend to many common pieces, including:

Davids Furniture & Interiors | Armchairs and SofasSofas and Armchairs: Have you imagined an elegant, tufted sofa situated at the heart of your living area? Or maybe you'd prefer to complement your high-end modern accessories with a sleek swivel chair that will serve as a comfortable sitting space for your guests. We also offer spacious leather sectionals, comfortable reclining sofas and other options, so you can put together your perfect living room set for your Pennsylvania home.

Davids Furniture & Interiors | Cocktail Tables

Cocktail Tables: We have cocktail tables that mimic the feel of reclaimed wood while offering a clean metal base, or you could go with a rounded, glass-top table for a more classic flair. Our living room furniture showrooms display a vast array of tables with matching chairs as well as other furniture, so you can get an idea of what will be an ideal fit for your space.

Davids Furniture & Interiors | Entertainment Centers

Entertainment Centers: While they'll primarily serve as the place to put your television, entertainment centers also hold a key role as storage in many homes. We offer multiple options, some with various applications, but you can rest assured they will fit in comfortably. We have glass-door consoles that offer plenty of storage while allowing for decorative display and placement of your TV boxes and media players — any machines that require a clear path for a remote signal transfer. You can also select from solid wood cabinet options, some with timeless chevron patterns or newer-age ones with clean lines and finishes.

Davids Furniture & Interiors | End Tables

End Tables: End tables have a particular way of bringing a living room together. They reinforce your preferred style and complement larger pieces of furniture. A set of iron and stone end tables gives off an elegant feel while blending modern and classic elements, or if you would like a luxurious, traditional look, choose a set of wooden end tables with a finish that complements the rest of your furniture. End tables are the perfect way to ensure that there's somewhere to set a drink no matter where you're sitting in a room.

Davids furniture & Interiors | Chests and Cabinets

Chests and Cabinets: As we go through life, it's hard to avoid acquiring more "stuff," for lack of a better word. The chests and cabinets that we have for sale are effective, attractive storage solutions that can look great in any room. Choose from cabinets that allow you to see through the doors, which are perfect for displaying photos and other trinkets, or ones with solid drawers or doors to keep everything out of sight. Whether you need extra storage space in a guest bedroom, living room or den, we're sure to have an option that meets your needs.

Practical Questions For When You Visit Our Harrisburg or Mechanicsburg Showrooms

Buying new lamps for your Mechanicsburg residence or new end tables for your Harrisburg home isn’t just about achieving the right look, though that’s a big part of it. You also need to make sure your new purchases suit your lifestyle and your pocketbook. You'll want to step into a living room furniture store that respects your needs and desires, and you'll find that in any of our locations. 

Here are some of the things you’ll need to consider when you visit our furniture shops:

  • Fabric: If you choose to go with an upholstered style of furniture, you’ll have a host of choices. Do you prefer leather, cotton or linen? Wool or velvet? No matter your fabric choice, we're the premier furniture store throughout Central PA. We provide comfortable and attractive living room seating in Mechanicsburg and beyond.
  • Patterns: The days of matching everything in your living room are over. People are embracing bolder designs, with patterns that contrast, mixed in next to solid-colored sofas or leather chairs for their Camp Hill, Harrisburg, and Mechanicsburg homes. From paisley to chevron to many intertwined wood looks, you can realize plenty of combinations on different pieces of furniture, from cabinets to entertainment centers.

  • Storage: Most living rooms lack storage space, which is unfortunate because many families have a lot of things to store. If you want to avoid pileups from games, books or magazines, not to mention your children’s or grandchildren’s toys, consider furniture with storage options such as ottomans, upholstered benches or end tables with bookshelves along the bottom. We also have expansive entertainment centers that hold DVDs, CDs, books, video game consoles, media players and, of course, your TV. Wardrobes give you a place to store coats, blankets and other supplies, while some chests can function as wine storage and dry bars that hold liquor and glasses. Our Mechanicsburg and Harrisburg stores carry plenty of living room furniture that fits the bill and suits your needs.

  • Stains: Especially if you have young children, you may want to invest in stain-resistant performance fabrics. There’s nothing as upsetting as buying a new piece of living room furniture for your Central PA home, only to have it ruined by a tipped sippy cup.

  • Cost: The price tag is important, of course, but that shouldn’t be your only consideration. You want to know about warranties and guarantees that come with the new furniture you’re purchasing. Having peace of mind that any problem with your furniture will be covered in the future is worth paying for. In addition to being a premier living room furniture store, we're committed to your long-term satisfaction with our products as well.

  • Special deals: At Davids Furniture, we frequently offer our customers in Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, and surrounding areas promotional deals that can help you get the piece you want at a lower-than-expected price. We encourage you to ask about promotions we have in place to make our high-quality sofas, coffee tables, end tables and more in Harrisburg even more affordable.


A History of Central PA Furniture Sales

Why does Davids Furniture offer so many discounts, such thorough service and even complimentary interior design options? Our founders, David and Nancy Martin, believed you never have to sacrifice value while providing top-quality products and excellent service — all at affordable prices. That has guided us for more than 40 years, and we’re proud to be one of the Harrisburg and Mechanicsburg area’s most respected furniture stores all these decades later.

Today, Davids Furniture & Interiors remains family-operated and prepared to sell you the best living room furniture products you can find nearby. We know the region well after being in business for so long, and we are committed to improving living room furniture throughout Pennsylvania. We appreciate the trust our customers have put in us to help them design their living rooms with fabric sofas, leather chairs, lamps and cocktail tables in Camp Hill, Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg and beyond.


A Vision For Your Living Room

Before you plan a visit to one of our living room furniture stores in Pennsylvania, it's wise to do thorough research on our products and come up with questions to ask. You will also want to take notes down about your desired style and your available space.

As you get ready to look at pieces for your living room, keep one more thing in mind. You may want to measure the room before you come to look at living room furniture in our Mechanicsburg or Harrisburg showrooms. That way, you have a feel for what will fit in the room and what won’t. It will also help you come up with floor plan ideas for the room once you decide what new pieces you’re getting and what old ones will stay. If you don't feel comfortable doing this yourself, one of our talented interior designers is ready to come visit your home take measurements and create the perfect floor plan for your living room.


Everything Starts With A Sofa

Davids Furniture & Interiors | Natuzzi Editions

The sofa is typically the central piece of any living room. This means you have to find the right one to match your preferred look. At Davids, we work with name brands you trust and recognize to bring you a slew of living room sofas that run the gamut from ultra-contemporary to classic. The fabrics used in the living room sofa designs are just as varied to meet your personal style and preferred lifestyle.

We have genuine Natuzzi leather, which remains durable and spill-resistant while being cozy. You could also select from different fabric upholsteries for a smooth feel and clean look.

Want to be able to turn your living room into a place for guests? Sleeper sofas are the ideal way to make an instant bedroom. If you're going to make your home an area where a large number of friends can comfortably gather to watch the latest blockbuster movie or a prime time sporting event, we have roomy sectionals that epitomize the balance between look and functionality.

If you're in need of improved living room seating in Mechanicsburg and beyond, we'll be here to help!



Living Room Seating For Conversation and Enjoyment

The quality of the living room furniture in your home should go beyond your new sofa. After all, every piece contributes to creating a comfortable environment, and you can visit one of our local living room furniture showrooms to expand your horizons to beautiful ancillary seating.

The living room chairs you offer your family and visitors are as important as the sofa. Not only do they need to complement the Davids sofa you pick, but they also need to have the right type of feel. Some homeowners like to have a combination of living room chairs, such as recliners mixed with more formal chair styles. Other homeowners opt to choose one or two chairs and ottomans to offset the sofa. Consider how big your living room is when determining the number and types of living room chairs best suited for your home.


Tables Add Function and Fashion To Living Room Spaces

Living room furniture sets wouldn't be complete without a variety of tables and other practical surfaces.

Whether you purchase end tables, cocktail tables or other types of tables for your living room, you need to consider the function of each. Do you want your table to be the landing place for your new table lamp or home décor? Or would you rather consider your table to be a less functional, more stylish addition to your living room? We have all kinds of living room tables at Davids and can work with you to determine which tables to buy.


Davids Furniture & Interiors | Cabinets and Consoles

Consoles and Cabinets For Maximizing Space

Entertainment consoles and living room cabinets don’t just look wonderful. They can also hide all the items you want to use regularly but don’t want visible in your living area. When you shop for your living room furniture at a Davids Furniture showroom in Harrisburg or Mechanicsburg, you’ll be surprised at the variety of consoles and cabinets you can choose from. Take your time and feel free to ask an associate for advice.

We're all local people who have our own lives and tastes rooted in Central PA. We can help you find living room furniture that fits the feel of any area, from Harrisburg to Mechanicsburg. When you choose our living room furniture products, you won't be left disappointed.



Find The Living Room Furniture Perfect For You

If you find yourself asking the question, "Where can I find living room furniture near me?", Davids offers multiple store locations featuring displaying pieces to see and feel in-person. Visit one of our stores and find what you might be interested in adding to your home.

Whether you want a sofa, a console or a cocktail table, stop by one of the Davids Furniture showrooms, located conveniently throughout Central PA in Mechanicsburg and Harrisburg. We enjoy talking with our customers, hearing their vision for their living room and helping them achieve it.

Your family spends hours each week in this room. Why not make it more appealing? Check out the selection at Davids Furniture & Interiors today.