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What does your dining room mean to you and your family? For some people, a dining room is only a place to sit down and eat, in which case it’s often referred to as a more formal location in the house. However, other families use the dining room as an everyday spot to do homework, play board games or a round of cards and even work on their laptop and mobile devices. Whether your dining room is a sanctuary or busy hotspot, Davids Furniture & Interiors has the expertise and dining room furniture pieces to help you make it perfect.

Maybe you just moved into your house. Or, perhaps you’re remodeling and want to find new dining room furniture in Harrisburg to match your new floor plan. Whatever the reason, you can find the best designer accessories and dining room furniture in Berks, Cumberland and Dauphin Counties at our showrooms.


Davids Furniture & Interiors: Your Dining Room Furniture Store for Harrisburg, Reading and Beyond

For more than four decades, Davids Furniture has been helping our customer find the best-quality pieces at affordable prices. David and Nancy Martin started the company with a pledge to offer superlative customer service right along with their excellent-quality pieces. We always offer warranties to show we stand behind our furniture.

The Martins’ son, Michael, presides over the company today, and he maintains his parents’ high standards for everything we sell. We even offer complimentary interior design assistance so our customers’ new purchases will be displayed in an eye-catching, pleasing manner. We love seeing a dining room come together so the whole family can enjoy it.


Finding the Right Style for Your Central PA Home

The dining room says a lot about your home. Many people choose to have a formal dining room where they only eat holiday dinners. It stays unoccupied until guests arrive. Others use the dining room every night for dinner. Still others fall somewhere in between, sitting down on the nights when there’s no soccer practice or PTA meetings.

Your vision of the dining room will depend on whether you see it as formal gathering place or informal hangout spot. We have furniture, including dining room tables that work for whatever your needs may be — no matter if you’re in Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill or another area. You’ll find these different styles to compliment your style:

Contemporary: Sleek and refined, our contemporary-style dining room table and chairs have a modern look that is still comfortable and attractive.

Country: Fun looks such as trestle tables fit well in country dining rooms. This style tends to be busier, so a simple dining room design can balance out walls or buffets stocked with displays.

Romantic: Pine away for our wooden dining room tables in Berks County with decorative inlays, upholstered chairs featuring metal studs and seats covered in rich red tapestry.

Formal: From lavishly carved buffets to long, elegant window treatments, our furniture and accessories will fit right in with your formal dining feel.


Choosing the Right Dining Room Table

One of the initial considerations every buyer of dining room furniture has to keep in mind is which dining room table to pick. Dining tables run the gamut from quaint and antique-inspired to modern and streamlined. The size of your dining table should reflect the size of your dining room. For instance, if you have a modestly sized dining room area, you will want a table that is also modestly sized. The wrong size of dining room table can make a room feel cramped. To avoid this situation, we invite you to bring the dimensions of your home’s dining room or dining space with you when you visit Davids in Dauphin, Cumberland or Berks County. That way, our knowledgeable team members and designers can assist you.


Finding the Best Size and Shape for Your Dining Room

Most designers advise you leave 42 to 48 inches of space between your table and the walls or furniture behind it in your dining room. This will allow your guests enough room to comfortably slide their chairs back and exit their seats after the meal is over.

Consider these other tips when buying a new table for your dining room:

In smaller rooms, circular tables fit best. They can fit more people because they don’t have any corners. Plus, they’re easier to navigate in a small space. You don’t want your guests bumping into the corners of a square table as they squeeze in and out of the room.

In long, narrow rooms, you want a table that matches the space. Try a rectangular table, and think about getting a buffet that will go in another room to save space.

Consider getting a bench rather than chairs to go with your new dining room table in your Harrisburg or Camp Hill home. Benches eat up less floor area, and they add an unexpected element of visual interest.

Sit down at the table during your shopping. You may not have bought a table with a higher top before, for instance, so it’s beneficial to try it out and see if it could suit your needs.


Dining Chairs to Fit Everyone in Your Household

Dining chairs have to not only match your dining room table, but they also have to be comfortable for every member of your household. For example, some dining chairs come with high backs, others with lower backs. The same holds true for dining chairs with or without armrests. Plus, some dining chairs have a padded seat, while others offer a smooth wooden surface.

One of the easiest ways to determine which dining chairs are going to be suitable for your lifestyle is to come to Davids and take a seat! Remember: experts say you should leave about two feet of eating space per person to sit comfortably at a table. When you browse at our Harrisburg-area showrooms, you may want to bring the tape measure along so you can see how many seats you should buy based on this estimate.

Of course, you may also want to get an extra seat or two for those occasional times when everyone needs to squeeze in.


Dining Room Sets Give a Complete Look

If you are looking for one of the most convenient ways to furnish your dining room, why not invest in one of Davids dining room sets? Dining room sets come standard with a dining table and dining chairs, as well as other furnishings dependent upon the manufacturer. This allows you to set up a comprehensive, streamlined appearance in your dining room area without having to pick and choose through several different collections of dining room furniture.


More Than 40 Years in the Furniture Business

Davids opened its doors in 1972 and has spent more than four decades working with people like you who want great furniture and incredible customer service. We even offer pricing guarantees, as well as fantastic warranties, on everything we sell. Stop by our locations in Mohnton, Harrisburg or Mechanicsburg and discover how Davids can help bring your dining room, bedroom and other spaces to life.


Convenient Locations to Browse Furniture in Berks, Cumberland and Dauphin Counties

Customers throughout Central PA have three places to choose from when they want to visit Davids Furniture. Our showrooms are located right off major roads, such as the Pennsylvania Turnpike and Route 22 in Harrisburg. We provide lots of free parking.

When buying from us, you’re supporting the local economy and people who have lived in this area their entire lives. We’re proud to serve Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, Camp Hill, Reading, Lancaster and surrounding areas by providing furniture that will stand the test of time. Stop in and see us today to check out our dining room options.

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