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You are Contemporary. Although some elements of modern design can be seen in contemporary design, these two styles have their own exclusive signatures. So what is contemporary design? By definition, contemporary refers to “living or occurring at present.” Contemporary, at its core, refers to “of the moment,” which illustrates that contemporary interior design styles refer to current design trends while paying homage to the past. Dating back to the 1970’s, contemporary style is truly unique as it borrows elements from several other design styles. With contemporary style, you’re certain to see modern elements along with traditional Art-Deco inspired notes, and futuristic design flourishes.

Another important aspect of contemporary interior design styles is that they’re constantly evolving. Unlike other styles that are usually devoted to a particular look, time, and spirit, contemporary style refers to the styles gaining traction today. When looking at contemporary interior design styles of today, you’ll notice neutral palettes, curved lines, and prominent minimalism.