You Scored



You are Coastal. Your style is happy, relaxed and chic, there is plenty of style that goes along with this comfort . This is no beach shack! Your home screams “5 Star Get-A-Way” with style!

When others enter your home, they know that they are welcome and that it is time to sit back, relax and enjoy the chic tranquility of this beautiful home! You either live by the water or enjoy the feeling of fresh open air with plenty of open spaces and shades of white. This style’s color story is open to many options! White is typically the main color with splashes of the following: Island colors , California neutrals, nautical navy inspired by the coast of New England, Key West tropical hues, Tahiti aquas ,the South of France with elegant whites and woods, even British Colonial, it is up to you!

What do they all have in common? A stylish and chic crisp energy evoking a feeling of fresh and relaxed energy. Paddle fans, shutters, air flowing and plenty of light throughout this home. Typically floors are wood, white washed or tumbled stone. Fabrics are natural fibers, either cotton or linen and everything about this home says relax and enjoy. White or a light neutrals work well with this style, with splashes of color on your accent pieces and accessories. This may be your year around home, what a great way to live!