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The Tempur-Pedic® Difference: One-of-a-Kind Materials

Designed for Space
Decades ago, NASA scientists began developing a new material to absorb the G-force of astronauts traveling into space.
They successfully created a groundbreaking viscoelastic “slow spring back foam” containing billions of open cells that were heat sensitive. Throughout the 1970s, NASA used their new “Temper” technology in seat cushions for space shuttles and planes.*

Perfected for Sleep
When NASA released the material’s formula for consumer use, our founders were eager to improve the application specifically for sleepers. Our scientists rigorously tested and enhanced the foam to increase its adaptability, heat dissipation and durability.

For more than 25 years, TEMPUR® Material has evolved to give you a sleep experience like no other. Our material — unlike memory foam — is uniquely formulated to respond to your body’s weight, shape and temperature.

The viscous (fluid-like) and elastic (spring-like) properties of the material actively work together — in the right way, at the right places to provide the right support, comfort and infinite adaptability.

The result? Unparalleled pressure point relief, absorption, and motion separation to help keep you in uninterrupted, deep sleep. That’s why no other material performs like TEMPUR® Material.

Discover what makes Tempur-Pedic more than a mattress:

LUXEbreeze°— Our Most-Awarded Mattress

Did you know 62% of households have at least one person who sleeps hot? Packed with cooling technology and advanced materials, it's no wonder the TEMPUR-LUXEbreeze° is our most-awarded mattress by experts and best-rated by our customers.

Best Overall Cooling Mattress: Good Housekeeping
The Good Housekeeping Institute’s Textiles Lab evaluated the best mattresses of 2020 by reviewing materials, features, and more—and then sent each product to real-life testers to get in-depth data points. The unmatched pressure relief and groundbreaking cooling materials of LUXEbreeze° made it the clear front-runner for this award. In fact, one tester told Good Housekeeping that the mattress “feels noticeably cooler and she doesn't feel her partner moving like she did on her previous foam mattresses. Another perk: The cover is removable and machine washable.”

Best Mattress of 2020: Popular Mechanics® Home Awards
Popular Mechanics' annual Home Awards identifies 30 exceptional products to upgrade your home and simplify your life. These products represent the year’s “best new innovators, long-term top performers, and terrific value picks.” Here’s what the PopMech editors had to say about LUXEbreeze°, which they named best mattress of 2020: “With incredible cooling tech and support, the latest Tempur-Pedic® feels almost icy to the touch, purportedly 8 degrees cooler++ than the brand’s other memory foam. The ventilated foam feels firm at first, but compresses to provide support that makes you feel weightless.”

2019 Best of What’s New Award: Popular Science
Popular Science’s Best of What’s New Awards celebrate 100 of the year’s most brilliant innovations and “greatest steps across the universe of science and technology”. PopSci editors evaluate thousands of candidates in search of products that not only promise to improve life, but also represent a significant advancement in their field. We’re honored that PopSci chose LUXEbreeze° as a winner in the personal health category. In their words, “Tempur-Pedic’s latest mattress will help you feel [up to] 8 degrees chillier than the brand’s standard models... Your body movements press as much as nine times more air through the mattress’s pores than is typical for such foam, which ventilates the [phase-change] material, allowing it to refreeze, drawing more warmth from your body.”
Learn more about our award-winning breeze° collection.

The Tempur-Pedic® Difference: Innovation

Smart, Thoughtful Design
At Tempur-Pedic, we don’t just make mattresses. Your sleep needs are important to us — the way you sleep, your lack of sleep, and the future of your sleep influence the way we design and evolve the Tempur-Pedic experience.

Every decision we make is guided by decades of research, rigorous testing, expertise and invention. We’re not your typical manufacturing facility — we’re obsessed with precision and ensuring every detail improves the sleep of people everywhere.

Our sleep scientists, engineers and technicians work together to ensure every mattress is the absolute best for that reason.

Improving Sleep Since 1992
Every decade, every year and every day, we challenge ourselves to bring you better sleep than the night before. With more than 2.6 million hours of research, testing, development and innovation, one fact remains true: We deliver deep, restful, life-changing sleep.