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When you purchase furniture, you want to find something you fall in love with. Furniture shopping should be about excitement and desire. Never buy a piece merely because you need to fill a space in your home. Buy it because you can’t imagine your home without it.

Stickley makes a range of sofas, loveseats, chairs, end tables and more that you will adore. Each piece of furniture from Stickley has a unique style. Combine that with the furniture’s impressive durability and comfort, and you will find Stickley furniture meets your needs better than you could have imagined.

Stickley Furniture: A History of Exceptional Quality

For a century, Stickley furniture has been renowned for the excellent workmanship of its furniture. The Stickley brothers believed in simplicity of design, such as using clear dyes that allowed the natural grain of the wood to shine through on their furniture. This went against many of the prevailing ideas about furniture in the early 20th century, and it helped the company develop a reputation for simplicity of design few others could match during an era when ostentatious furniture was more common.

Through the years, the Stickley brothers and later the Audi family, who stepped in after the Stickleys passed, continued to demonstrate that same devotion to quality. The company has remained steadfast in its commitment to producing furniture that looks nice without being gaudy, and each piece demonstrates the type of sturdiness you would expect from a hand-crafted piece.

Why Buy Stickley Furniture Sofas and Chairs?

Stickley furniture appeals to those who want exquisite furniture that is also unmistakable from mass-produced pieces. If you love the idea of adding furniture that will draw people’s eye and have them ooh-ing and aah-ing, then Stickley is the right brand for you. It boasts:

  • Outstanding materials: Stickley employs the heartiest solid wood, the strongest hardware, the most luxurious leather and more to construct its furniture. The company knows the best products come from the best materials.
  • Great value: You make an investment in Stickley furniture that will pay off over time. You won’t have to replace it or worry about it sustaining too much wear and tear.
  • Long life: Stickley furniture is made to last, whether it’s a sofa, a coffee table or a recliner. When you buy this furniture, you get something you will enjoy for many years to come.

Explore Our Stickley Sofas, Chairs and Tables

Finding the best furniture for your living space can be challenging. That’s why Davids Furniture offers a wide variety of Stickley furniture that will fit your home perfectly. Does your home have a contemporary style? Traditional? Country? No matter what your answer, Stickley leather and fabric furniture pieces will fit right in because of their classic appearance. They can work in a number of different styles because of the extraordinary craftsmanship and clean lines of each piece. Those attributes make Stickley furniture special.

You can explore the many Stickley options on your own by browsing our online catalog. A few popular items include:

  • Rocking chairs: Perhaps you want a rocking chair for a new nursery, or maybe you need matching ones for a living room. Stickley rockers will comfort fussy babies or give you a place to relax and contemplate life.
  • Mission recliners: Mission style embraces clean lines and simplicity of design, and that’s what you get with Stickley Mission recliners. They allow you to sit in style. When you lean back in the recliner, you will feel at ease and may even doze off into untroubled sleep.
  • Stickley motion sofas: Do you like to recline in your living room? Recliners are not your only option. Stickley also makes motion sofas, where you can push back your seat as well.

Come See Our Selection of Stickley Furniture at Davids Furniture & Interiors

Are you searching for a new look for your living room, study or den? Come to Davids Furniture to check out our vast selection of Stickley furniture.

We are the premier provider of high-end furniture in the Harrisburg area, offering brands such as Stickley, Bassett, Natuzzi and more. When you buy from Davids, you support a local, family-owned company that has long roots in Central PA. We provide outstanding customer service because we believe our connections with our customers are the most important part of the buying process.

Visit our showrooms in Mechanicsburg and Harrisburg, PA to see Stickley furniture for yourself. You can also browse our online catalog and place an order through our website. We encourage you to reach out to us with questions at any time.



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