Stickley Bedroom Furniture

Elevate Your Bedroom Style with Stickley Furniture

Make your bedrooms reflect your personal style with new furniture from Stickley. The excellent quality, unique style and outstanding durability of Stickley furniture make it the perfect choice for master, children’s and guest bedrooms. For more than a century, Stickley has been one of the country’s premier furniture brands. The company pays attention to the smallest details of every piece it produces, which is why those with discerning tastes love Stickley.

Your bedroom requires furniture that will last for years to come. You want your investment to provide exceptional value, too. You get both in Stickley furniture. Since the early 20th century, Stickley has made furniture people rely on for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and more. The company was started with a devotion to doing things the right way, to the best of the furniture makers’ ability.

When you want furniture unlike anything else, consider the many Stickley furniture options we offer at Davids Furniture. With a broad selection of possibilities, we can accommodate any bedroom style and ensure you discover the best new bed, dresser, table or other pieces to fill out the room.

The History of Stickley Furniture

Stickley furniture was created in part as a reaction to the overly ornate and gaudy furniture of the Victorian era. This sparked a desire by many people to return to the days of more simple tastes. The designs made by Stickley still have a distinctive look, but they emphasize the natural beauty of the wood instead of relying on baubles or thick stains.

People embraced this style, and Stickley furniture experienced great demand. The Stickley brothers, who helped popularize Mission-style design, earned lauds across the nation for their craftsmanship. After the brothers passed, the Audi family took up the production of Stickley furniture, and the company remains one of the best-known and most well-respected furniture makers today. When you buy Stickley bedroom furniture, you know you are investing in something with utility and artistry in equal measure.

The Hallmarks of Stickley Furniture for Your Bedroom

There are so many reasons to choose Stickley furniture for your bedroom. You just may fall in love with one of the pieces you see in our catalog, and we can assure you it will be a smart purchase when you buy Stickley. Here are just a few of the advantages of picking this brand:

  • History of excellence: The continuing love for Stickley furniture for more than 100 years affirms the company’s status as a producer of high-caliber beds and more.
  • Fine tradition: Stickley continues to make furniture by hand, giving each piece the attention to detail you want.
  • Commitment to customers: Since the Stickley brothers began crafting furniture, their aim has been to deliver pieces their customers would love. It’s a goal they have fulfilled ably.

Find the Right Stickley Bed or Other Pieces for Your Bedroom

How can you determine which furniture to add to your bedroom? We offer many different styles of Stickley beds, dressers and other items, so we understand how difficult it can be to narrow them down. You can browse our online catalog before heading into our showroom to see your favorites in person, such as:

  • Highlands Upholstered Queen Bed: You will appreciate the symmetry and careful design of the head and footboards
  • Hyde Park Open Nightstand: This nightstand is like none you have ever seen, boasting an open design that allows you to store things on three levels
  • Gus Bridal Chest: Store blankets, books, games and more in this chest, keeping them out of sight but close by for when you want to use them

Visit Davids Furniture & Interiors to See Stickley Bedroom Furniture

Whether you need a new bed or a new dresser, Davids Furniture is the place to go for high-end furniture in the Harrisburg area. Our exceptional furniture and outstanding customer service set us apart from other retailers. We can help you find the right match for your bedroom, showing you pieces you will fall in love with.

When you come to our showroom, we can run through all the Stickley furniture options. You can view them firsthand and decide which one would work best in your bedrooms. Partner with one of our on-staff interior designers who will help you put a plan into place. Our complimentary interior design services will help you sketch your room, discuss your needs and find the right pieces for your style and budget.

Stop by one of our showrooms in Harrisburg or Mechanicsburg, PA to see the beds, tables and more we offer. Let us know how we can assist you today.



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