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If you are moving or redecorating, finding the perfect new furniture is part of that process. When you are shopping for new furniture, you may have one thing in mind that is more important than other factors affecting what you buy. One person may have a design theme they want every single piece to fit in with. Another person may have younger children and want furniture that can withstand harder use. Others may be looking for functionality above everything else.

You'll apply your criteria to every single piece of furniture you buy, hunting for the best fit that comes as close as possible to checking every box. This strategy will even apply to furniture that benefits more than just yourself or your immediate family, and that's still important in the long run.

If you are furnishing a living room or family room, consider a sleeper sofa. Also called hide-a-beds or pullout sofas, these pieces feature a sturdy, foldable metal frame underneath the seating cushions, which you can remove to unveil a thin mattress to accommodate extra guests.

With the right approach, these sofas are an excellent piece to add to your home, regardless if it's located in Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg, Lancaster or anywhere else throughout Central PA. At Davids Furniture & Interiors, we have a wide selection of sofas — you're sure to find one that you and your family will love and enjoy for a long time.


If you are looking for furnishings that are as functional as they are attractive, a sleeper sofa will be an excellent addition to your home.

When most people look at a sleeper sofa, they do not immediately know that it can also function as a bed. Queen-sized sofa beds will comfortably seat your family and guests, and they'll likely never realize the duality of the piece unless you unveil the comfortable sleeping option located underneath its cushions. The sofa gives you the best of both worlds — a comfortable sofa to relax, watch TV or read a book, and a bed whenever you need it.

If your home does not have a lot of extra space, every square foot counts. With a sleeper sofa, you can invite guests to your home without needing a guest room. Or, if you do have a guest room or two but could always make room for more people, a sleeper sofa is just the thing.

In the past, transitional sofas did not have a positive image. People often reserved them as inexpensive alternatives for homes that didn't have enough space for a guest room, and the sofa beds' unappealing looks and uncomfortable mattresses didn't exactly resonate with every part of the market. Luckily, the market has changed and now allows for the selection of the mattress inside of your sofa bed! You can now choose a comfortable mattress with inner springs, air and even foam.

Many homeowners preferred a traditional sofa because they were more stylish. However, we do not believe this problem is present at Davids Furniture & Interiors. We have a selection of elegant sleeper sofas that will fit into your home's decor just as well as a traditional sofa, all without compromising comfort or appeal. And it will do much more than most sofas can do.

Whether you have a large family or host friends at your home, you will always have a place for someone to get a great night's rest when you have a sleeper sofa. Our queen size sleeper sofas will give all of your guests a cozy place to rest whenever they come to visit.


We aim to satisfy a "less is more" approach when selling our multiple pull-out sofa beds, as their different colors, clean lines and basic legs will cleanly fit into practically any living room or family room environment.

The sofa beds we offer feature increased comfort, ease of operation and improved durability. With its no-coil feel thanks to multiple layers of padding, you might even forget you're sleeping on a pull-out couch sofa. Some models even include a locking headrest option in case you'd like to sit up in bed to read, write in a journal or watch TV.

If you're worried about a sleeper sofa not being as comfortable as a premium mattress, you don't have to be. Thanks to innovative technology, our sleeper sofa mattresses are just as comfortable as a standard mattress. A layer of air between the coils will adjust to a firm, supportive feel and allow your body weight to distribute evenly for the best sleep possible.

One reason our sleeper sofas are more durable than some other options is due to their heat-tempered inner-spring units. These pieces give the mattress more of a "memory," allowing it to provide the same level of comfort for a longer period. Seat support wires also provide support whether you're sleeping on the mattress or sitting on the sofa.

On top of these benefits, our sleeper sofas are all made using environmentally friendly methods, including all man-made fibers and CFC-free cushion materials.

If you're not sure about an ideal fit or you're wondering about customization options, don't hesitate to direct your questions toward one of our experienced interior designers. We will do whatever we need to do to satisfy our customers, from Mechanicsburg to Berks County.


At Davids Furniture & Interiors, we have an excellent selection of sleeper sofas and other living room furniture designed to satisfy your calls for a premier aesthetic with comfortable, dual functionality. Whatever room in your home you are shopping for, we have the pieces to help you put together a space that you can call your own. Whatever your personal style or needs, we have the inventory to help you find everything you need.

We have three convenient locations across Central Pennsylvania — Mechanicsburg, Harrisburg and Berks County. When you visit any of our sites, you will find exceptional staff who are ready to put their knowledge and experience to work for you. Visit us today at our showroom to test out one of our queen-sized sofa beds, or browse online to find the perfect sleeper sofa for any room within your home.

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