Natuzzi creates leather furniture known for its elegance, class and high quality. The Italian company began in 1959 when Pasquale Natuzzi opened a workshop and began making sofas entirely by hand. His reputation grew quickly, and by the 1970s, Pasquale had assembled a team and begun producing sofas for customers across Italy.

In the 1980s, Natuzzi sold its Italian leather furniture around the world, finding a particularly receptive audience in the United States. It began producing accessories as well and soon became known for exceptional collections that could furnish an entire living room. Natuzzi fostered partnerships with other international designers starting in the early 2000s. Today, it ranks among the most recognizable names in the worldwide furniture industry.

Davids Furniture is proud to be a premier provider of high-end furniture, and that includes Natuzzi leather sofas, sectionals, chairs and occasional tables, throughout Central Pennsylvania. This excellent furniture, with outstanding production and high value, will become a welcome addition to your home.


Natuzzi pieces offer unique workmanship you can trust. Each one has been hand-crafted by one of the company’s expert furniture makers. One of its goals is to provide furniture that lasts, and you can see this in the strength of the wood frames that support Natuzzi leather sofas and chairs.

Visually, Natuzzi furniture is stunning. The clean lines, attractive leathers and appealing colors combine for pieces you will be proud to show off to the people who visit your home. Other advantages of purchasing Italian leather furniture from Natuzzi include:

  • Quality testing to ensure each piece of furniture meets exacting international standards
  • 10-year warranties on frames and 2-year warranties on coverings
  • Remarkable tailoring and stitching

The company only uses non-allergenic leather, a welcome perk for families whose members have allergies or worry about excess dust. Many people wonder whether leather couches will actually be comfortable, though.

The answer is "yes."

Natuzzi sofas are made with buttery soft leather that feels velvety on your skin. When you sit down, you experience the sort of comfort that makes you want to spend the entire day reading a good book on your sofa.

The Natuzzi name has a reputation the company is eager to uphold around the world. They work to ensure every piece of furniture they create meets their high standards. When you invest in Natuzzi leather furniture, you get the best.


Italian leather has an international following, and for good reason. The manufacturers of this leather put great care and attention into its production. You get the durability you want in a great sofa, without having to sacrifice style. Many consider Italian leather the most sophisticated in the world.

Beyond style, Italian leather has another attractive quality, and that’s its durability. It can withstand everyday use and small nicks or scrapes without looking any worse for wear. You can clean it easily and wipe away most minor scratches. People love having low-maintenance furniture that requires minimal care, and Italian leather, for all its elegance, fits that description.

By investing in Natuzzi Italian furniture, you'll bring a piece of Italy into your Harrisburg home.


Davids Furniture has a wide selection of furniture available, including Natuzzi leather sectionals in Lancaster and Berks County, as well as other Natuzzi leather furniture throughout Pennsylvania. Our customers love the look and feel of this brand, and our stores draw many people hoping to buy this type of sofa or chair.

Many of the local areas sport high numbers of people with deep Italian heritage. In fact, Pennsylvania has one of the highest percentages of Italian Americans throughout the country: more than 1.4 million. It's no surprise that we maintain the premier selection of Natuzzi furniture stores in Mechanicsburg and other communities, as people look to bring a piece of their ethnic identity into their living space.

We carry a number of different Natuzzi models, each one of which has distinct design qualities you will love. Are you considering adding a section to your living room, or do you need a new occasional table? Here’s a look at a few of our most popular Natuzzi Italian leather furniture pieces:

  • Vincenzo Sofa: It doesn't matter where you go in Pennsylvania — Natuzzi leather furniture has a rich, suave look that can elevate the appearance of the rest of the room. The brown undertones of this sofa can contrast with the other furniture in the room, or you could choose another Natuzzi piece to put beside it, making your living room appear more refined. The sofa fits with interiors of all types, no matter your taste, because of its classic coloring and production.
  • Adrenalina Sofa: What if you want Natuzzi-made furniture that isn’t leather? Another eye-catching option at our furniture stores, the Adrenalina Sofa draws attention because of its bold blue color. This piece instantly becomes the focal point of a room, thanks to the coloring of the upholstery. The walnut legs add another distinct element to this sofa.
  • Natuzzi Editions Sectionals: Imagine curling up on your large, new Natuzzi leather sectional in Lancaster, which can fit a number of people. Enjoy the intimacy of this space where you can talk to friends, play board games on a central table, or watch your favorite TV program. We offer several different types of Natuzzi Editions sectionals throughout Berks County and beyond, allowing you to discover the one that best fits your style preferences and current décor.
  • Giorgia Chair: Covered with magnificent brown and grey upholstery, this chair will look perfect in a living room, nestled in the corner of a study or in your master bedroom. The two-button back provides ample support.
  • Noci Round Accent Table: Why just get an end table when you can make a statement? Natuzzi’s gorgeous Noci table makes a statement wherever you put it, as it pairs beautifully with other Natuzzi Italian furniture. The beautiful wood on the top contrasts handsomely with the metal base.


Davids Furniture provides the best selection of high-end Natuzzi Italian furniture in Harrisburg, as well as the rest of Central PA. In addition to Natuzzi, we have many other brands you will love, with sofas, chairs, tables and more that look inviting and luxurious.

When you stop by our stores, you receive the great customer service you deserve. It's the type you’d expect from a family-owned company. We sell top-quality furniture that earns high marks in every community we work with, and we want to help you find the right Natuzzi pieces for your home. We invite you to browse our selection online and place an order. Or, you can stop into one of our showrooms today. Find all the leather pieces and more that you need to complete your living room with Davids Furniture.

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