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The room that houses the main TV is a critical area in your home. You and your family likely spend a good deal of time there, and it has helped to create many happy memories of everyone together. Think of all the time you have spent enjoying family movie nights, watching the latest episode of your favorite TV show or playing games on the TV together in this room.

Like every room in your home, you want to pick out furniture that is functional and beautiful. In the living or family room, you need certain things out of this room, including comfort and storage.

Choosing the perfect TV stand will help make this room one of your and your family's favorites in your home, as it will add essential functionality and visual appeal, which can also help to tie the entire room together into one cohesive package.

At Davids Furniture & Interiors, we have a wide selection of TV stands and similar furnishings that will fit in well with your home's decor and add a functional element to your living room or family room.


Different families have different needs for their TV rooms. If you have children at home, they likely have video game consoles, games and movies that they want to keep within reach. If your children are grown and moved out of the house, you have might different needs for your TV room.

You might gradually replace those games and movies with books and other items that contribute to your hobbies.

We have TV stands, media consoles and media cabinets to fit the needs of every family. While you are shopping, you should consider a few things: height, style, width and functionality. If you have game consoles, DVD players and other electronics that need to plug into the TV, you need a stand that can house every one of those items. If you have a simpler setup, you can choose a simpler piece.

Davids Furniture & Interiors has a TV console that will fit beautifully in your home that you can enjoy long into the future.

We have multiple pieces for your consideration, depending on what you're looking for.

If you need open spaces to house devices that need to be available for remote signal connections, we sell plenty of equipmententertainment centers and small media consoles in Mechanicsburg and other nearby locations, that fit the bill, including:

  • TV stands: If you don't need a ton of room to store entertainment devices or display any photos or other decorations, a simple TV stand may be the best option for your needs. Most stands have at least a shelf or two, and perhaps even a drawer or cabinet too. If you only need a piece of furniture to hold your TV and maybe your cable box, DVD player and a few DVDs, you don't need an entire entertainment center with extra shelving and storage space. Choose from traditional or modern models in a variety of materials, sizes, colors and finishes to suit your storage needs and aesthetic preferences.
  • Entertainment consoles: For entertainment enthusiasts, on the other hand, a simple TV stand would quickly become cluttered and overstocked. Entertainment consoles are typically much larger and offer additional storage space for more gadgets. With plenty of options for adjustable shelving, cabinetry and even drawers, you'll have plenty of places to put all of your TV-related items. With a standard entertainment center, you'll have room to store essential equipment like your cable box, Wi-Fi router, DVD player, stereo system, video game consoles and more. Keep the TV area in your living room or den organized with an entertainment console that meets your needs in terms of both functionality and style.
  • Entertainment consoles with hutches: If you still need more room in your entertainment area, opt for a console that also has a hutch. In addition to all your equipment, you can display your DVD and/or CD collections, trophies or awards, family photos and more when your media console also has a hutch with additional shelving. If your TV is against a long wall with not much else against it, a large entertainment center with a hutch is a simple yet elegant way to complete the room. You'll be able to select from several models in varying sizes, layouts, materials and styles.


There are many furniture stores throughout Harrisburg and Central Pennsylvania. However, Davids Furniture & Interiors goes beyond what your typical furniture store will provide.

Whether you're looking for media cabinets with doors in Reading or towering hutches in Lancaster, the craftsmanship and quality of the furnishings and home accessories at Davids Furniture & Interiors are unparalleled. You will not find pieces like this at any other furniture store in the area.

You can rely on the construction and durability of your entertainment wall units to withstand the weight of your television, as well as the other items you plan on storing in it and on top of it. Top quality finishes can also minimize scratching and other damage your furniture may experience as you move various items around.

We have the home entertainment items and other furniture you need to create the perfect living space. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is here to help you find everything you need to furnish your living room or family room, as well as every other room in your home.


If you are looking for entertainment consoles for sale in Central Pennsylvania, Davids Furniture & Interiors has three locations for your convenience — Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg and Berks County.

Furniture is an integral part of a home's decor, but it is also much more. You live with and interact with your furniture every day, so each piece must be something you love. When you visit any of our locations, you will find a dedicated team that is ready to help you find what you want and need. Stop by our showroom today or browse online to get started.

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