Dining Tables

Dining Table Shapes & Styles

While you may want your dining table to be the centerpiece of your dining room, you want it to be the room’s focal point for the right reasons, not because it looks dated or out of place. Whether you’re looking for a dining table for six or for one that can expand to accommodate an even greater number of diners, you have plenty of options to choose from when you shop with Davids Furniture & Interiors online or at one of our retail stores.

Here is a brief description of some of the popular dining room table sets and dining tables you’ll find at Davids Furniture:

  • Traditional Dining Table Sets: Typically viewed as formal options, traditional dining table sets often boast pleasing details that are sometimes quite ornate. It’s not unusual for traditional dining table sets to be made with dark wood and to have intricate carvings on their legs and armchairs. This kind of dining room set can come with round, square, rectangular or oval tabletops.
  • Modern Dining Tables: Modern dining tables typically don’t have as many lines or details as other options do. While a wood dining table can certainly be classified as modern, these dining tables are often constructed with glass tops, and metal is often used for their bases.
  • Transitional Dining Table Sets: Because they combine traditional and modern styling, transitional dining table sets are often considered to be a casual alternative to more formal dining sets. Transitional dining sets are often made with materials used to construct more traditional alternatives, but they normally have sleek, sharp lines like many modern tables do.
  • Rustic Dining Tables: The earmark of a rustic table is a deliberately distressed finish that’s often emphasized with wood that appears weathered and paint that’s purposely made to look like it’s chipped. A rustic table can be a round wood dining table or it can be just about any other shape.

Whether you’ve only looked at our round dining room tables or you’ve gone through every table we have for sale online or at one of our retail locations, you’ve probably noticed that a variety of materials can be used to make an attention-grabbing, functional dining room table. In addition to or instead of wood and glass, tile, marble and metal are often used to make tabletops, for example.

While you have plenty of different styles of dining tables and sets to choose from, it’s important to narrow down your choices by considering how you’ll use your table and chairs regularly and on special occasions. You need to make sure your table is versatile enough to accommodate the people who dine with you every day as well as the extra guests who may join you to celebrate a holiday or another event. While it’s not the right choice for everyone, you may want to consider getting a table that can be expanded with a leaf if you host additional guests often.

Our Furniture Selection

At Davids Furniture & Interiors, we pride ourselves on only carrying the highest-quality furniture. By offering tables produced by luxury brands like Stickley, we demonstrate our commitment to offering the finest furniture on our website and at each of our physical stores.

If you’re unsure what kind of dining table or dining set will work best in your dining room, don’t worry - we’re here to help. For more than 40 years, we’ve been offering complimentary, professional interior design services to our valued clients to ensure they pick the furniture that will look and feel just like they want it to.

In addition to a generously sized selection of high-quality furniture and complimentary design services, we also provide unparalleled customer service. As your local furniture retailer, we don’t want to sell you furniture once. We want to establish and maintain a relationship with you which will bring you back to Davids Furniture whenever you need furniture for your home.

To learn more about our dining sets, tables, design services or customer service, contact Davids Furniture & Interiors. To find a table or dining set you’ll enjoy for years, shop with us online or visit one of our locations today.

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