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Are you looking for a tasteful, comfortable, high-quality chair to complete your room and add to your home's design? When it comes to furnishing your home to fit your needs and complement your style, every aspect of your home makes a difference — especially your furniture. As you’re furnishing your living room, family room or bedroom, chairs may not be the first piece you focus on to define your design — but they’re the finishing touch you need to complete it and add a level of comfort.

When you’re searching for seating options that offer comfort, style and originality, Davids Furniture & Interiors has a stunning selection of fabric upholstered chairs that suit any style or interior design. Find an accent chair for your home in Reading, PA, Lancaster or Mechanicsburg at one of our three showroom locations.


Fabric Upholstered Chairs for Sale

Sofas and beds often steal the spotlight in living rooms and master bedrooms, but a complete room requires a comprehensive suite of furniture.

You shouldn't underestimate the power of a comfortable, attractive, and well-made upholstered chair. It can be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. Whether it's for the corner of your bedroom or as the proverbial throne in your living room, Davids Furniture can supply you with the right piece.

We're a premier distributor of fabric living room chairs in Harrisburg and many other Central PA communities, striking a balance between top-tier quality and affordability. With more than 40 years of experience in the area, you won't find a better furniture store.


Upholstered Fabric Chairs in Reading, Harrisburg and Mechanicsburg, PA

When you’re looking for the perfect way to complete your room design or add a unique touch, an upholstered accent chair provides a variety of benefits for any room.

Offering functionality, comfort and a unique style to complement the furniture you already have, bring out an accent in your color scheme or add a unique element, fabric accent chairs are a stylish finishing touch for a variety of rooms in your home, including:  

  • Bedrooms: You may view your bedroom as primarily a place to sleep and dress, meaning your bed frame and dressers take center stage as the most important furniture pieces in your space. Adding an upholstered chair can provide both a refreshing aesthetic element to make your bedroom unique and provide additional functionality by offering another area to relax. Choose your accent chair for comfort, style or both, and bring out the colors in your bedroom by matching the fabric to a shade on your bedspread or complementing your wall color.
  • Living Rooms: You can find the centerpiece for your sitting area at Davids Furniture & Interiors. Whether you're looking for modern comfort in a simple, minimalist design, searching for something classy or looking for a unique design to set your space apart, our variety of fabric accent chairs offers something for every style and every home. Choose your chairs to complement each other and match your living room's key pieces, or complement your sofas with accent chairs to the side.
  • Dining Rooms: When you have a dining table, accompanying chairs and a hutch or sidebar for your dining room, you may be wondering what further furniture elements you can add to accent the pieces you already have to fill your space. Positioning fabric accent chairs in the corners of the room is a stylish, subtle way to complete the aesthetic of your dining room and provide additional seating for your guests. 

Whatever room you're adding accent chairs to, Davids Furniture & Interiors offers a variety of shapes, styles, designs and fabrics you need at our locations in Reading, Lancaster and Mechanicsburg.


What Kinds of Fabric Upholstered Chairs Do We Offer?

Fabric upholstered chairs, whether you get them in Mechanicsburg or anywhere else, can serve multiple roles because they come in so many different appearances and configurations. Davids Furniture will supply fabric accent chairs for your Lancaster home, or perhaps fabric living room chairs for your Harrisburg apartment.

Popular options include:

Occasional chairs

Sometimes you need an elegant chair to pull the rest of your room together, making it more for show than for sitting. We carry a line of tasteful options that fit this line of thinking.

Swivel chairs

If you want a comfortable seat that gives the versatility to move around and interact with different people from different parts of your open-floor concept, swivel chairs are an excellent choice.

Lounge chairs

Lounge chairs marry some of the qualities of the other two options, to a degree. They're built for comfort, but they also come in many different styles to enhance your overall decor.


Match Your Preferred Style With Our Huge Catalog of Upholstered Accent Chairs

Do you have an affinity for mid-century modern sensibilities? We have sleek, minimalistic fabric chairs with arms that you can find in Mechanicsburg and beyond. Maybe your goal is to take people's breath away with a stunningly ornate accent chair to meet your Bohemian standards.

No matter what style you're pursuing, we will assist you in any way we can to meet your circumstances. With our variety of fabric upholstered chairs for sale, no request should be too large.


Explore The Many Accent Chair & Seating Options At Davids Furniture & Interiors

Once you're confident that we have the fabric chair styles for you, visit one of the Davids Furniture & Interiors showrooms located throughout Central PA.

Patrons praise our customer service for its comprehension and attentiveness, and we're confident you'll feel the same way. Our interior designers will listen carefully to what you like and dislike, and they'll even analyze pictures of your existing decor to find the best fabric upholstered chairs in PA.

Your ideas will flare to life once you see the products we carry throughout our showrooms, which you can find in Harrisburg, Mechanicsburg or Berks and Lancaster counties. We also take orders through our website in the event that you see a chair that you deem a must-have.




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