Experience the Beauty of Bernhardt Furniture

Are you searching for elegant furniture for your dining room, living room or bedroom that you can purchase in the central Pennsylvania area? Bernhardt Furniture produces a selection of dining tables, sofas, china cabinets and more made with the fine artisanship associated with only the top brands. If you want furniture that looks great and stands up to long-term use, Bernhardt Furniture is a perfect choice.

Davids Furniture is the premier provider of Bernhardt Furniture in the Harrisburg region. We appreciate the high quality of every piece, because we want to give our customers the best possible furniture options. We salute Bernhardt Furniture’s ability to manufacture beds, sofas and more that have a high-end feel, while also paying attention to practicality. These pieces will work with many design styles, ranging from traditional to contemporary, making them perfect additions to any home.

Why Buy Bernhardt Furniture From Davids?

Three major components of Bernhardt Furniture make it an outstanding value for your home:

  • Comfort: When you sit down on a Bernhardt Foster leather sofa, Candace sofa or one of their other couches, you won’t want to get up. They offer excellent support along with luxury.
  • Beauty: Bernhardt’s furniture is gorgeous to behold. The depth of color in the leather on the Dylan sofa, for instance, will make it the focal point of any room in your home.
  • Sophistication: Do you want furniture that gives a room a more sophisticated feel? Installing a Bernhardt Haven dining table or china cabinet adds to the grace of the dining area in your home.

Invest in Bernhardt Living Room Furniture

Living room furniture from Bernhardt, available at Davids, includes a large number of sofas you can use not just in your living room, but also in other places in the home. Do you want a place to relax in your bedroom? Need more sitting room in the basement? Think your study could use a new look? Choose from options such as the Bernhardt Martin or Ellis sofas to complete your look.

Consider Bernhardt Dining Room Furniture Options

The dining room demands practical furniture in order to keep things orderly but functional. You need a cabinet to store your china and a table that will be sturdy enough to dine on yet also look fabulous next to your flooring, whether you have wood, tile, or carpet. Versatile cabinets and tables from Bernhardt can help finish off a dining table’s unique style.

Get Bernhardt Furniture From Davids Furniture & Interiors Today

For families in Mechanicsburg, Harrisburg, Lancaster and the surrounding areas, there’s only one place to go to get today’s best furniture brands, and that’s Davids Furniture & Interiors. Our staff includes interior designers who can help you find just the right pieces of Bernhardt Furniture to complete your home’s interior.

Shop online to find the perfect piece for you, and have it ordered to your home right from your computer. Or, visit one of our three locations today to see what options are available to youWe can help you identify pieces that fit within your budget and with your lifestyle. In the meantime, you can always contact us with any questions you may have about our furniture. We look forward to working with you to get Bernhardt Furniture into your home.



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