When the Walls and Trim Are the Same Color

Posted by Gracie Willoughby on

I believe sometimes we approach paint color selection for our room design like we are children standing at the bakery counter trying to decide which cupcake we want. When it really comes down to chocolate or yellow cake, the rest is just frosting.
Let's explore how utterly delightful it could be to select just one paint color and paint the walls, and the trim, and the doors the same color! Did you breath a sigh of relief at the beautiful simplicity of this idea?
There is something elegant, yet relaxing; sophisticated, yet soothing; daring, yet harmonious about this concept. 
As enlightening as this concept may be, it is still important to select the right paint color. And I would highly recommend the room's design is planned down to every detail to guarantee that the paint color selected for this application is perfect.
The fun of this paint story in a room is that it works whether the color is dramatic or subtle. This is truly a "aha moment". Sometimes being brave with our room design is taking the road less traveled; solving the paint color selection mayhem by simply painting it all the same color. And there is no way this choice will look like you took the easy out.
Perhaps we will file this one in the "less is more" category. Choose a stunning paint color and running with it. 
Image Sources: Inquire at Davids.

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