If you are one who thinks stripes and plaids are made for each other, or if you are one who falls in love with two pieces of furniture for one room and can't decide which one you should purchase, The Tale of Two Consoles nails your style.  Mismatch = Love Realized.
How delightful to know that you don't have to match a pair of consoles, even if they are flanking a fireplace! Mismatching works with a decorative chest or two as well. 
This tale of design rethinking is not for the cautious. Just as stripes and plaids in the wrong hands is a tale gone wrong. Balance of scale is an important element of consideration when approaching this possibility in a room's design.
Stripes and plaids, decorative chest and console, two different consoles. All opposites that attract. Partner with one of our talented interior designers to find the perfect mismatch for your space. Who knows maybe you already have one of the cherished pieces in your home already that just needs its "match". 
So now when you see an image like the room above, rethink what might be presenting itself on the other side of that fireplace. It is a Tale of Two Consoles.
Image Sources: Inquire at Davids.
September 19, 2016