Design Reflection No. 1 - Federal Style Bullseye Mirror

Design Reflection No. 1 - Federal Style Bullseye Mirror

There is something stunning about the appreciation of history in design when one's personal style is part of the mix. For it was one's personal style that inspired the originator's creativity. Welcome the Federal-style bulls eye mirror. What a nod to personal style an early XVIII Century fashionable mirror can make!


If you understand the importance of your style in your home, the Federal-style bulls eye mirror doesn't have to be tucked away in a stodgy interior. And you don't have to live in a Federal-style home. For it's the use of beautiful things in an unexpected interpretation that moves a special piece to a new level of appreciation.


Don't shy away from heritage because you think it's wrong to use it in an unorthodox way, in your home. Show your designer those pieces you treasure, share your wish list even if you don't think it possible to add to your home, and most importantly visit your designer with an open mind. A Federal-style bulls eye mirror doesn't just end up in a room by accident.


We would be remiss if we didn't address authentic appreciation for history in design, in one manner that matters, when talking about the Federal-style bulls eye mirror. That authenticity is keeping the reverence of the finish. Finishing pieces that give a nod to history in design in high lacquer paint finishes is something we love. In the case of the Federal-style bulls eye mirror...not so much.


Davids Mirror Design Tip: A mirror's placement is so important. Any mirror. A truly talented designer always considers the reflection. 


Be inspired to show your love for history, your style!

After all history does truly repeat itself. Let's build a beautiful room together. Come to Davids for complimentary design services from our exceptionally-talented interior designers. 
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January 08, 2016