I have a confession. I love rugs…and shoes!

And I don’t think I am alone. If you are one of “us”, welcome and be of good cheer! For there is design inspiration in both! Truly.

Our outfit we pull together with just the right shoes to rock it; is the same inspiration you and your designer will use when selecting just the right rug for your room. And just like the putting together of an outfit – one may start with the rug (shoes) or the inspiration might begin with fabrics.

Profoundly perhaps, but I believe a rug is art. Literally and visually. And just like we don’t limit hanging our art on only plain walls; we shouldn’t put restraints on where a rug is “appropriate”. Rules are for sissies!



We know it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when rug shopping. The thing is there is no one “right” rug for a space. Size, of course is important; after that, let the exploration begin! Don’t get hung up on exact color matching, concentrate on blending hues and it will work out beautifully.

Be open to what your designer brings to the presentation. If you have your heart set on a “rug look”, you might just miss out on the greatest piece of art you will ever own. And this concept has nothing to do with price.




The “nerdy” side of rug love.

One of things that goes along with love of rugs is how hand-knotted rugs are made. It’s the “nerdy” side of love. Hand-knotted rugs are so unique, no two will ever be exactly alike. The pattern is almost as clear on the back as the front side of the rug. The depth, clarity, and density of the design is unmatched by any other rug type.

Let’s talk warp and weft. Warp is the foundation of the rug. Parallel threads running through the entire length of the rug on which knots are tied. And weft is the strength element of the rug. Threads woven across the width of the rug inserted between all the rows of knots. Weft threads pass through alternate warp threads.

In hand-knotted rugs the knots are the main part of the rug. Stand of wool or silk is looped around two adjacent warps, and then cut to form the surface of the rug.

And did you know that the fringe is part of the rug and not sewn onto the rug? The fringe is the visible continuation of the warp threads at both ends of the rug.




Be inspired by the things you love.

Find your love. Be inspired. Bring it to your designer. (Even your favorite shoe!) It’s your home, what’s your style?


Image Sources: Inquire at Davids.








June 28, 2016