Grandma may have helped you fall in love with toile but it doesn’t mean you can’t give it your own style. If you love Toile, from muted hues of pastoral scenes to color-drenched vibrant scenes including Asian-inspired, there are so many creative ways to express your style.



Sometimes our Toile-love is as clear as black and white, presenting itself in an artist's sketch-like way. What a handsomely neutral approach.




Toile simply means “cloth” in French. And many associate this pattern with French Country looks in home design. The patterns from the 1760s most often had a pastoral scene. Beautiful rooms in this look are timeless, but Toile is no much more than that.




Who says Toile can’t be fun? That Toile can’t be enjoyed in a transitional or even modern setting? This is what can make interior design sophisticated, yet comfortable; a traditional pattern with history, welcome in your room, with your style.



In a bedroom Toile can be used with a fresh approach amongst traditional pieces with a "hotel-like" duvet or a matelasse covelet.

With emphasis on using Toile in non-traditional ways, don’t get me wrong, using Toile in a traditional setting is gorgeous! However, taking limitations off a design element like Toile is as refreshing as opening a window on a beautiful spring day. As designers, it is important to hear about all that you love and then explore with you where those loves are best featured in your home’s design.




Using a Toile in an unexpected place is a perfect example of one of Davids’ 2016 Design Trends – “Traditional: Youthful & Fresh with a Shot of Nostalgia.” Nostalgia, perhaps is the root of your love of Toile. And then again, it might just be a newly love-at-first-sight kind of attraction. Whatever your love story, delight in knowing there is probably a great way to introduce Toile-love into your home.





If your Toile-love hasn't reached the gasping stage yet, let me take you there by saying Toile and animal print are stunning together! Now I hear your heart pounding!



Whether you would like to introduce Toile in a dining room, living room, kitchen, bedroom or tucked away in a powder room; feel delight in knowing your style will still allow your Toile-love to show.




For something that is defined as "cloth", I'd say that is an understatement!


Image Sources: Inquire at Davids




June 30, 2016