You aren't going to find this on a "How to Choose the Right Paint Finish" chart. And I double-dog dare you to go for it! High gloss paint on a ceiling is both dramatic and daring, but at the same time presents a fresh mindfulness to a space. 
Whether you choose a neutral ceiling white or accent color this design element is sure to be one you won't regret when done right. 
What's your style? No matter if it's Traditional, Casual, or Modern; a high gloss ceiling is certain to take your style to the next level. It will be a signature statement that is edgy, yet classic.
When you decide this is the fresh your room design has needed, don't be timid! Just because the paint companies have a "ceiling white" doesn't mean you have to pick a white. 
High gloss ceiling finishes add a luster to your room that adds a soft glow and a beautiful reflective surface. There are no rules to which room's ceiling you can apply this finish to, but keep it special. Don't overdo it by repeating it in multiple rooms. Too much is...just too much.
I double-dog dare you to paint one of your ceilings with a high gloss finish. I promise you won't get your tongue stuck on the flagpole! 
Are you ready to do it? I highly recommend you consult with one of our designers to select the right room and the right paint color. Why do all that prep and paint and then find out you picked the wrong room and/or the wrong paint color?
Image sources: Inquire at Davids.
July 25, 2016