One of our 2016 Design Trends at Davids is "Fresh Traditional with a Shot of Nostalgia." I am tempted to say that this is not really a trend, but a redefinition of how we design a space to include those hints of traditional that conjure up a pleasant memory.
If our home design isn't holding one of these pleasant memories no matter what our style, a shot of nostalgia; the room isn't quite finished. A classic piece; a fabric design; a traditional frame with a signature fabric that speaks to our style; Grandma's damask enlarged to give it a fresh, almost transitional style. Our style. 
A great example of this fresh approach is adding a classy way to have a clever spot for a drink or book. The classic garden stool.
The classic garden stool is an artistic, fun way to put a twist on traditional style. What is fresher than that? It doesn't take up much space but gosh does it speak volumes into the space.
It is the romance of a perch. A resting place. 
What is your shot of nostalgia? Need help finding it? That's where an exceptionally-talented designer comes into to play. We listen. We look for and find those shots of nostalgia. How can we do this? Because we all have them. And to we as designers, we are familiar with building a beautiful room around them.
Fresh Traditional with a Shot of Nostalgia. Redefine. What's your style?
Image Sources: Inquire at Davids
September 04, 2016