Fabric Love Converted to Wall Covering

As interior designers, we fall in love with fabric patterns every day. And this fabric love can manifest itself quickly in our next client's design project or it may take years until the right client who has the right room calling for this fabric love. But as with any good thing, this would pass many by; those without the talent and eye of a great designer. Why? Because the fabric love alone isn't enough. A great designer is inspired to use elements in a room design in unconventional ways.



And this is where "fabric love converted to wall covering" happens. Where the pattern we love has no boundaries in the right space. Where the magic happens! Where the right fabric, in the right space, designed by a great designer; plays its role. And this great designer breaths a sigh of delight because the fabric love has found its home.


When it wasn't enough for the fabric love to be used just at the windows, but needed to be present on the walls and perhaps given beautiful wood mouldings to boot!


When fabric love wasn't great on the upholstery or at the windows, but fantastically stunning on the inside back of the bookcase!


When the fabric love is perfection as the wall covering in this home where it belongs. And the other fabrics used in the space wouldn't be the same without this backdrop.


Fabric love converted to wall covering provides the stage for a beautifully designed space. Without it, well it's just a production looking for its actors, only to realize the actors are brilliant, its the stage that hasn't come together yet.

The outfit components are spot on, the cabinetry finish superb, it's the "fabric love converted to wallpaper" that brings it to the just-right look.


Image Sources: Inquire with Davids.


June 22, 2016 — Gracie Willoughby