Designing with Summer Travel Memories
What adventures do your summer travel plans have for you? Better question, what treasures will you bring back to add to your home's story?
Will it be the bazaar shelves full of sari fabrics in South Asia that caught you staring? Perhaps your suitcase held a few of them because you couldn't select just one. How about framing them to hang or prop on a shelf in your home?
Will it be the quaint pottery shop in Ravello, Italy?
Or that place in Morocco that you spent way more time in than you thought. And whether you lugged those treasures home in your suitcase or shipped them home..
will you be adding to a collection of plates on your wall or tuck them away only for special occasions?
Even the long walks at the dawn of a new day, where your shell collection began, can become a beautiful display in our home.
Perhaps the off-the-beaten-path shop in Tangier, Morocco beckoned you...
now the rug you found there has become the upholstery on your ottoman at the foot of your bed.
Or your antiquing on Portobello Road rewarded you with another trinket to add to your tabletop collection.
And if that trip was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, your plane ticket can become a toss pillow. Simply take your stub to your local copy store, have them blow it up, print on fabric transfer and make a pillow.
And all your old passport stamps aren't just stuffed in a drawer anymore, they have become artwork that you glance at with a smile as you pass by.
And your foreign coins become magnets on the fridge.
And your many pictures are printed in black and white or sepia and framed. Because you don't ever want to lose the memories.

"Our home is a place of stories about our life's journey, no matter where it takes us. Be inspired to add another chapter into your home's design."

Gracie Willoughby, VP Sales & Design



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Image Sources: Buzznet, Buzzfeed, Pinterest
June 15, 2016 — Gracie Willoughby