If you are like me, any piece that provides storage, whether open or not delights me. I have to admit the open storage option is my favorite because it is a win-win. More ways to display what I love in my home and a beautiful piece added to the room design, built-in or freestanding bookcase or cabinet...winning!
What may present a challenge is how to display in this open shelve presentation and how to mix in accessories so that it isn't just row after row of books. If you have tried to style your bookcases yourself you have faced this challenge and more than likely it has become an on-going project. And you stand back and look at it and something is still not quite right. 
If it helps, here's your "aha moment":  bookcase styling doesn't just happen. It takes a plan and an open-mindedness to know that, like any other well-made plan - flexibility to changing that plan is necessary. In other words, have fun! Really. 

Here are a few tips to bookcase styling:

1. bookends are not necessary
2. don't display things in a manner that they look like they are for sale
3. books don't all have to stand upright
4. this is not your local library, put your books in any order you want
5. Go right ahead and hang that artwork on the front of the shelves or use on the shelves like a rebel.
Bookcases are a great place to display a collection, a treasure from your travels, a box obsession, just don't forget the books. 
And don't forget the right lighting. Read that again, because I do not want you to miss the word "right". How will you know it is right? First ask yourself what should be illuminated and then how can that be accomplished?
I mentioned box obsession earlier, here's an example (in the photo above) and I love this person and I don't even know them! 
Your cabinet may have doors that you will find are best closed in your setting because of traffic pattern and space considerations, but don't miss trying them open instead.
You will know that you have won the bookcase styling challenge if you can't help but walk up to them and just gaze. If this challenge is not your thing, ask a Davids designer how they can help. 
Image Sources: Inquire at Davids.
July 09, 2016