Top Five No. 1 - Davids Designers Top Five Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

Welcome to Davids Top 5. Here is where you will find our exceptionally-talented designers providing their top 5 design tips, hints, and mistakes to avoid. This post is highlighting our designers' Top 5 Decorating Mistakes to Avoid. Pay close attention, these designers are in the know!


Michele Masley, Interior Designer at Davids, says her Top 5 Decorating Mistakes to Avoid are:

#1:  Pushing furniture against the wall
#2:  Avoid filling every corner
#3:  Avoid choosing the wrong size rug
#4:  Hanging artwork incorrectly (too high or too low)
#5:  Furniture choice being too large for the room
Laurie Foster, Interior Designer, Davids Harrisburg, PA location lists her Top 5 Decorating Mistakes to Avoid:
#1:  Avoid matching everything: the design becomes static. Try using various shades of the same hue to provide depth and a relaxed feel.
#2:  Ditto for finishes: mixing light and dark can either be a dramatic statement or dial down a formal floor plan.
#3:  Avoid skimping on the quality level of your everyday sofa and chairs. The living room that gets used three times a year is where you can go for style over substance.
#4:  Avoid piece meal purchases without a room plan: that method doesn't work in your closet or in landscape design, either.
#5 It is a mistake to not address window glare: it comes from the top third of the window - either use a window treatment or a window film and make the room pleasant to be in at any hour of the day.
Rich Patrizi, Interior Designer at Davids, shares his top 5 Decorating Mistakes to Avoid:
#1:  Not hiring an interior designer (!)
#2:  Not considering the style of architecture of the home or at least the room
#3:  Not developing a plan for the room that takes all elements of the design into consideration before moving forward
#4:  Not remembering to consider scale of pieces in relation to the size of the room
#5:  Not realizing the importance of lamps and accessories in the completion of the room
Janet Gaumer, Interior Designer, Davids Mechanicsburg, PA location shares her Top 5 Decorating Mistakes to Avoid
#1: Choosing a wrong color
#2: Buying on impulse
#3: Not using a professional
#4: Size not proportionate to the room
#5: Wrong style
Ronda Kuhn, Interior Designer, Davids Harrisburg, PA location says her Top 5 Decorating Mistakes to Avoid are: 
#1: Selecting pieces one at a time instead of looking at the room as a whole
#2: Following another's viewpoint for the room so much so that it doesn't reflect your style
#3: Playing it safe with neutrals
#4: Using pieces that are too large or too small for the scale of the room
#5: Making a purchase solely on the basis of price
Paul Snyder, Interior Designer, Davids Mechanicsburg, PA location shares his Top 5 Decorating Mistakes to Avoid
#1: Using underscaled chandeliers and lighting
#2: Lining everything up around the perimeter of the room
#3: Stopping with the first layer of accessories
#4: Hanging a mirror over the back of a sofa
#5: Mounting drapery on woodwork
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