Are your Light Fixtures Dating Your Home's Interior?

When we are thinking about updating our home's interior we often overlook the light fixtures that could be dating our home. But the investment of replacing light fixtures shouldn't be left to happenchance. This is definitely something you should hire a talented interior designer to assist you with. At Davids our designers partner with you to perform a Lighting Consultation.

In many rooms it isn't just replacing an existing fixture, but adding lighting that often adds drama and a beautiful update. For example, adding wall sconces.


From the traditional placement in the hallways, dining room, and baths to those unexpected places that make so much sense like the bedside. What a great way to clear off the night table tops for a less cluttered look.



If you approach this project with an open mind the results will be not only functionally pleasing, but dramatic as well.


There is a warmth where appropriate, a brightness where needed, and design that fits your style.



From clean lines to embellished jewelry-like wall sconces your home's interior will experience one of its best updates.

Walls will come alive again. Art will gain an increased appreciation. And the time you spend in your spaces recharging and enjoying family will improve.



The importance of scale when replacing light fixtures in our homes is of the utmost importance. Surprisingly, it might mean larger is better.


Investing in the update of the light fixtures in your home should be done with a plan in place. It is not recommended that you replace fixtures in one room without having a plan for every space of the home. This allows for consideration of design, scale, and function being just right in each room. Without a plan the results could give a "hodge podge" appearance. An investment gone wrong.






A plan will also allow for cost savings in the coordination with a professional electrician so that the update causes the least disruption possible.





Talk a walk through your home. Are your light fixtures dating your home? If you answered yes or aren't sure - give Davids a call, tell one of our designers you'd like to schedule an appointment for a Lighting Consultation today.


Images: Fine Art Lamps, John Richard, Currey & Co., Houzz, Pinterest, Home Bunch, Visual Comfort, Maitland Smith, Decorative Crafts, Regina Andrews

May 10, 2016 — Gracie Willoughby