Hang it With Flair. It's not just about the art you select. How you hang it is important.

The artwork collage galleries have become a "me too" look. It has been copied so many times when you see it, one doesn't even pay attention to the subject of the artwork anymore. Frankly, it's become a easy out.

If we are going to take the time, and we should, to select just the right art for our walls, we should also give as much time to how we are going to display it. Hang it with flair. Hang it with meaning. Hang it creatively so that the art speaks to us every time we enter the room.


Don't get me wrong, I love a good art gallery collage. What makes a good one? You will know it when you see it. Seriously. If you stop in your tracks and just stare in awe or smile with glee you have seen one.

It may be the simplest subjects, but there is something about it that draws you in. Every piece on our walls should have this effect. And usually the effect is very subtle, like a whisper. But one we can't resist. Is your art having this effect on you?

Be inspired by understanding that art isn't just a picture on the wall. Banish "sofa art" from your vocabulary. And feel free knowing that there isn't anything wrong with hanging contemporary or transitional art in a traditional setting and visa versa.



That beautiful sky we catch a glimpse of in our busy day if we are paying attention - can become a 9-piece study of clouds in our home to introduce calm to our spaces.

Art has many media. Before you put it on a table or in a display cabinet - hold it up against your empty wall, step back, and dare yourself to hang it with flair.



This doesn't mean you have to take all your art off the walls and start over. Take a piece into another room and challenge yourself to use more than a picture hanger and a hammer. Use your imagination, be inspired to hang it with flair.


Mix it up. Sconces with mirrors and plates.


Find an oil painting you love, but the frame is, dare we say, hideous? Remove the frame and hang the canvas on a rod. You will see things on that canvas you never saw before, maybe because it isn't "boxed in", but perhaps because of the way the light hits it now.

And black and whites are stunning. With or without a focal point.



Sculptures aren't just for a pedestal or table top. Organic displays of art are the unexpected, or at least until you have shaken off the "rules" of artwork.

Remember, I am not saying art collage galleries are a no-no. Just make sure it isn't a generic one. Be inspired to hang it with flair!


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May 03, 2016 — Gracie Willoughby